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My name is Matthew and I am 14 years old.   Me and my dad got into the rabbit business in September of 2011.  I breed pet, show, and meat rabbits. We have Satins, Mini Lops and Silver Martens.




More Info About Our Rabbitry


Go  to:  for more information on rabbits for sale, our policies, pictures, upcoming shows and my blog.



                              Pet Rabbits


If you acquire a rabbit, be prepared to give it as much time and care as you would a dog or cat because when you get a pet rabbit it is only as tame as you make it.  The more you handle it the tamer it will be, likewise the less you handle it the more hostile the animal will become.  Another thing to remember is that you need to brush your rabbit(s) regularly to avoid fur balls that they might swallow and cannot regurgitate back up. 





                                                                     Shows and Wins


Tulsa State Fair, 10/8/11

Sonic: Best of Variety,Best of Opposite Sex (Leg)

Tails: Best of Variety


Tulsa Rabbit Breeders Show, 10/9/11

Tails: Best of Variety, Best of Breed

Cheese: Best of Variety, Best of Opposite Sex


Creek Nation 4H Rabbit Show, Okmulgee, OK 10/22/11

Tails: Best of Variety, Best of Breed
Sonic: Best of Variety, Best of Opposite Sex

Upcoming Shows:

Check out our new website at  to see what shows we will be attending.  Please come say hello if you happen to be at the same show!



You can find us listed on:

Rabbit Breeders USA,  



This is my rabbit, "Double D's Sonic" at the Tulsa State Fair where he won Best of Opposite Sex. 

 He went on to earn Grand Champion status.